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The Graduate Program in Applied Linguistics (PPG-LA) conducts researches, teaching qualification and training programs for skilled researchers to reflect over the different language usages. With special attention to the interdisciplinarity of Applied Linguistics research as well as to the emergence of new subject matters of study, PPG-LA values the investigation perspectives which are transformative and ethical by their own nature.

The purpose of the Program is to qualify Masters and Doctors to work as researchers and/or higher education professors at any University or College across Brazil, since our Program constitutes a consolidated reference in the development of human resources in the area, with alumni working at Federal or State Universities or Colleges in all corners of Brazil.

The current lines of research of PPG-LA are as follows:

  • Languages and Linguistic Education;
  • Languages, Cultures and Identities; 
  • Languages and Technologies;
  • Language and Translation.


These lines of inquiry offer the possibility of contemplating investigation projects of varied scopes. Such investigations, produced in the sphere of the contemporary Brazilian Applied Linguistics and conducted as part of the Program, cast a new light on the emerging issues of the social reality as to the uses of language in the interfaces of teaching practices, identities, new technologies and  media creation. Besides, PPG-LA has taken the challenge of addressing theoretical and methodological frontiers of investigations developed based on a number of subject matters of study, with remarkable results in the scenario of researches in Applied Linguistics 

For the past few years, the Program has continuously recorded high demands for enrollment and, as a result, it has invested in ensuring solid training and education to its faculty and the graduate students, valuing the sharing of experiences at the national and international levels, through post-doctoral programs, lectures and courses both in Brazil and abroad, in addition to partnerships with Brazilian and international research institutes. Professors, graduates, alumni and researchers in connection with PPG-LA massively and actively participate in groups and collaborative research projects hosted both at UNICAMP, as well as in other Brazilian Universities and abroad.  

The participation of our Program in courses aiming at teaching qualification is significative and the Program encompasses Children Education, Primary and Secondary Education as well as Young Adult and Adult Education, Indigenous School Education and Special Education.  PPG-LA has also been active in developing courses and materials for classroom and distance education so that such knowledge can ensure broader social and educational impact and relevance that reach beyond the academic sphere. 

Published by PPG-LA, the journal "Trabalhos em Linguística Aplicada - TLA" (Works in Applied Linguistics) (ISSN 0103-1813), is a means of social diffusion of knowledge and of giving visibility to the Program. The TLA has been hosted at the SCIELO platform - Scientific Library On Line since January 2008 and its articles are available online. The publication maintained the A1 rating at the Capes Journal Assessment of 2015.

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