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The Literary Theory and History Graduate Program Commission is responsible for granting CAPES and CNPq scholarships for the master's degree and doctoral programs. FAPESP grants its own scholarships for master's degree and doctoral programs directly to the students and advisors upon proper application within the deadlines it establishes.  

In addition to the rules established by each supporting agency, the CPPG-Literary Theory and History grants scholarships based on the following criteria: 

1. number of openings ('quotas') in the Master's degree and doctoral programs offered on a yearly basis by Capes and CNPq; 
2. ranking of students in the admission process. 

A candidate's approval in the admission process will not imply that he/she will be granted the scholarship. 

Granting a scholarship does not bind the student to an employment relationship with the beneficiary, even if the student provides services associated with the scholarship granted. 

The maximum periods for granting the scholarships are defined under CPPG-THL 02/2016 Resolution.

The scholar's obligations are described below: 

- complete and update his/her data in the CNPq-LATTES and SIPEX data system every semester; 
- meet the demands of the supporting agencies (as established in the Grant/Acceptance Term signed by the scholars); 
- be on schedule with the assignments and demands of the Graduate Program; 
- display achievement higher or equal to the minimum level required according to the Program Rules; 
- complete all the disciplines of the Graduate Program (failing is not allowed). 

For detailed information about these scholarships (standards and procedures), students must refer to the websites of the supporting agencies:


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