Research Areas

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Applied Linguistics

Major Areas:

  • Theory, practice and teaching of translation
  • Multiculturalism, plurilingualism and bilingual education
  • Mother tongue
  • Foreign language
  • Language and technologies

Lines of Research

  • Language, translation and culture
  • Subjectivity and identity, deconstruction and psychoanalysis
  • Literacy
  • Education in bilingual/bidialectal contexts
  • Language, teaching, technological mediation and digital literacy
  • Discursive practices, interaction and assessment in institutional contexts
  • Teaching/learning Portuguese as a second language and foreign languages
  • Interpretation and authorship in reading and writing



Major Areas: Natural languages: form and function
Lines of Research

  • Analysis, description and documentation of natural languages
  • The nature of signification and associated factors
  • Generative syntax of natural languages
  • Language, culture and society

Major Areas: Classical studies
Lines of Research

  • Greek and Roman languages and texts

Major Areas: Discourse and text analysis
Lines of Research

  • The nature of signification and associated factors
  • Language, text and discourse
  • Language, subject, history
  • Language and psychoanalysis

Major Areas: Language and Thought
Lines of Research

  • Brain, mind and language
  • Children’s speech and writing

Major Areas: Language, history and knowledge
Lines of Research

  • Development of linguistic theories and methodologies


Theory and History of Literature

Major Area: General and Comparative Literature
Lines of Research

  • Comparative literary analysis
  • Modern foreign literature
  • Other vernacular literatures

Major Area: Literary History and Historiography
Lines of Research

  • Textual critique: critical editing, editions and annotated translations
  • Production, circulation and reception of literary texts

Major Area: Literary Theory and Criticism
Lines of Research

  • Criticism: history and methodology
  • Poetry: genres, styles, literary movements

Major Area: Literature and Other Cultural Productions
Lines of Research

  • Interdisciplinary literary studies

Major Area: Brazilian Literature
Lines of Research

  • Brazilian literature in the colonial period
  • 19th century Brazilian literature
  • 20th century Brazilian literature

Major Area: Portuguese Literature
Lines of Research

  • Medieval Portuguese literature
  • Classical Portuguese literature 3. Modern Portuguese literature


Popularization of Science and Culture

Major Area: Popularization of Science and Culture
Lines of Research

  • Scientific culture
  • Literary culture
  • New media for popularizing science and culture
  • Public perception of science and technology


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