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LL013 - Introduction to Syntax

LL015 - Morphology

LL017 - Syntax I

LL018 - Syntax II

LL022 - Argumentative Semantics

LL041 - Introduction to Discourse Analysis

LL042 - Introduction to Text Linguistics

LL043 - Conversation Analysis

LL047 - Lexicology and Lexicography

LL051 - Methodology of Sociolinguistic Research

LL053 - Introduction to Functional Syntax

LL057 - Topics in Lexicon and Meaning

LL065 - Psycholinguistics

LL069 - Topics in Psycholinguistics

LL115 - Topics in Morphology

LL117 - Discourse: Language, History and Ideology

LL123 - Semantics of Enunciation

LL131 - Variation and Linguistic Change

LL132 - Historical Linguistics

LL167 - Language and Cognitive Processes

LL168 - Topics in Cognitive Science

LL170 - Field Methods in Anthropological Linguistics

LL171 - Documentation and Description of Indigenous Languages

LL175 - Indigenous Languages of Brazil

LL176 - Fieldwork I

LL190 - Models of Phonological Analysis

LL191 - Models of Prosodic Analysis

LL192 - Phonological Theory

LL193 - Topics in Discourse Analysis

LL194 - Language Acquisition

LL197 - Advanced Seminars on Language Acquisition

LL213 - Advanced Seminar on Syntax

LL218 - Topics in Syntactic Theory

LL231 - Advanced Seminar on Sociolinguistics

LL235 - Topics in Historical Linguistics

LL248 - Advanced Seminar on Text Linguistics

LL264 - Topics in Language Acquisition

LL270 - Advanced Seminar on Semantics

LL273 - Textual Coherence

LL276 - Fieldwork II

LL349 - Psychoanalysis and Discourse

LL350 - The History of Linguistic Ideas

LL351 - The History of Linguistic Ideas in Brazil

LL352 - Topics in the History of Linguistics Ideas

LL363 - Topics in Neurolinguistics

LL406 - Guided Reading

LL407 - Advanced Seminar on Phonetics / Phonology

LL409 - Advanced Seminar on the History of Linguistic Ideas

LL425 - Topics in Linguistics

LL426 - Topics in Linguistic Typology

LL427 - Acoustic Phonetics

LL428 - Topics in Phonetics

LL429 - Topics in Phonology

LL430 - Semantics

LL431 - Topics in Semantics

LL432 - Topics in Sociolinguistics

LL433 - Introduction to the study of Language and Society

LL434 - Introduction to Statistics for Linguistics

LL435 - Topics in Anthropological Linguistics

LL436 - Greek texts I

LL437 - Greek texts II

LL438 - Latin Texts I

LL439 - Latin Texts II

LL440 - Topics in Theory of Philology

LL441 - Advanced Seminar on Latin Language and Culture

LL442 - Advanced Seminar on Greek Language and Culture

LL443 - Advanced Seminar on Discourse Analysis

LL444 - Topics in Textual Linguistics

LL445 - Training in Experimental Psycholinguistics

LL446 - Introduction to Neurolinguistics

LL447 - Linguistic Theorization of Neurolinguistic Phenomena

LL448 - Advanced Seminar on Neurolinguistics

LL908 - Topics in Classical Languages and Cultures (Greek and Latin)

LL909 - Topics in Greek Language and Culture

LL914 - Topics in Latin Language and Culture


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