Collaborating Researcher/Professor

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Procedures for Collaborating Researcher / Professor

According to the  CONSU-A Resolutions 06/06 and 06/08, the following documents must be submitted for the admission process into the Departments:  

I) Collaborating Researcher (Postdoctoral) 


a) Letter of the person interested addressed to the Professor, requesting guidance as Collaborating Professor in the Department (the period extends from 1 to 2 years); 
b) Acceptance letter by the responsible Professor addressed to the Department Head, requesting approval by the Department Council; 
c) Curriculum Vitae describing the academic activities developed in a Higher Education Institution up to the date of the request; 
d) Copy of the Individual Taxpayer's Document Number (CPF); 
e) Copy of the ID Document No. (RG); 
Note: Driver's License will not be accepted. 
f) Plan of the activities to be developed in the period; 
g) Adhesion agreement (3 copies duly completed and signed); 
h) Copy of the marriage or birth certificate; 
i) Copy of a proof of residence. 


a) Letter requesting extension of term for an additional period of one or two years as of the day after the contract expires; 
b) Advisor's acceptance letter; 
c) Report of the activities developed during the period that is ending; 
d) New research plan for the next period; 
e) Adhesion agreement (3 copies duly completed and signed). 


a) Final report with the advisor's opinion; 
b) Return of the professional identification badge. 

The proposals must be submitted to the Department Administrative Office (c/o Emerson Gianni) at Further information can be obtained at the e-mail address above or at 19-3521-1512 or 3521-1511. 

Note: Admission as Collaborating Researcher (Postdoctoral) in the Literary Theory Department 

1) In order to organize the submission and assessment of the proposals, the months of March and August of each year have been established as the registration periods. The results of the process will be announced up to the end of May and up to the end of October, respectively.  The program for the proposals approved in March will start in August of the same year; the program for the proposals approved in August will start in March of the following year.  

2) No proposals will be accepted from candidates who have completed the Graduate Program in Literary Theory and History at IEL. The proposals submitted by students currently participating in the higher education public system may, at the Literary Theory Department discretion, be assessed and accepted if they are of interest to the institution.  

3) The dates and restrictions above do not apply to the funding modalities PDS (Senior postdoctoral) and Postdoctoral connected to a Theme Project. The Senior Postdoctoral modality refers to the situation of a researcher with a stable relationship with a higher education and research institution, who finished his/her Ph.D. at least 5 years ago. 

II) Collaborating Professor 


a) Letter addressed to the Department Head manifesting his/her interest in continuing in the Department performing activities related to lecturing, researching and extension activities (for the period of 02 years); 
b) Plan of the activities to be developed in the period; 
c) Adhesion agreement (3 copies duly completed and signed). 


a) Previous report; 
b) New Plan describing activities to be developed in 02 (two) years; 
c) New Adhesion agreement (3 copies duly completed and signed). 


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