Areas and Research Fields

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Focus Areas and Lines of Research

Area: Literary Theory and Criticism 

Comparative and Interdisciplinary Studies in Literature: This line of research includes the relationships between literary theory and other areas of knowledge, such as philosophy, sociology and anthropology. It also addresses new objects of literary theory, namely, cinema, music, comic books, etc.
- Theoretical and Critical Studies of Literature: This line of research focuses on the literary theory trends and movements in the contemporary world. 

Area: Literary History and Historiography 

- History of Literature and Poetry up to the 18th Century: This line of research studies the literary and poetry works written before the 18th Century, including vernacular works.
- History and Poetry of Modern Times: This line of research encompasses the literary works of the 20th Century in Brazil, Europe and in the Americas.
 - The Romanticism and its Unfoldings: This line of research investigates the rise, consolidation and influences of Romanticism, both in Europe and in the Americas. 

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